Sabrina Sara

Acrobatics, flexibility and femininity rhythm my life.
From the age of 8, I joined the pole of France of gymnastics of high level.

After many awards including champion of France individual, I focus my life on classical, modern and urban dance.

I form my body and my mind through this art, grown in artistic maturity and constantly looking to create and innovate.

The discovery of a multitude of dances invades me, flamenco, hip hop, salsa ... I integrate various professional companies in France and abroad for a few years and appear several times on European and American television.

Winner of major dance competitions in Switzerland, Italy, Norway, Egypt ... and winner of the Premio International in San Remo, I get a scholarship in New York City in the Jennifer Muller's company.

Life goes on and my mind is always bubbling with cravings and original ideas, I head naturally to the cabaret and the music hall.

It is for me every day a chance to play these different roles and it fascinates me.

Today I continue my madness through an light number in an aerial cube.

I keep this grain of madness which is for me my engine.