Sabrina Sara

Creative and versatile artist, I also offer services with our company AIRLIGHTSHOW composed of dancers and acrobats who passionately create original numbers to dazzle and amaze our audience.

Passing through traditional creations such as cabaret and dances of the world, to the most wacky works such as the circus and these air numbers.

Air light show is an alchemy of poetic elements that will always adapt to your needs. Galas, corporate parties, weddings, birthdays, private parties ...

Several formulas are possible, here are some proposals most often desired:
The air:
- solo or bright aerial cube duo
- aerial fabric duo
- Solo or aerial hoop duo
- acrobatic duo

Dance performances:
- cabaret, modern 'style choreographies, or dances of the world
- walking in body painting and contortion
- light juggling
- Stilts and fire

It's up to you to choose and create your formula to 1 or more artists ...